New Revolutionary Tradeshow Battery Packs
ShowBattery Features

ShowBattery is the award-winning leader in innovation and it is our set of advanced features that set us apart from the competition. LED bulbs have become smaller and more efficient in power consumption, making it possible for LED Self Generating Station Solutions Inc. to devise a lithium ion battery capable of powering a 10'x10' tradeshow booth using 100 watts of power for over 15 hours, with only 6 hours of recharge time.

Light Your Tradeshow Booth For Free

Light Your Tradeshow Booth for Free!

  • Powerful enough to light your entire booth
  • Small enough to fit in an island display
  • Can power your entire booth using 100 watts of power for up to 16 hours.
Save Money!

Save Money! No More High-Cost Power Rentals

  • Lower or completely eliminate your electrical power rental costs.
  • No need for expensive, time-consuming under-carpet outlets.
  • No need for an expensive sub floor.
Fast Recharge Time

Fast Recharge Time!

  • Full charge in only 6 hours (or less depending on use)
  • Use any regular outlet plug to recharge, e.g. overnight at your hotel
Fast Recharge Time

Control the Power!

  • A timer is available for each ShowBattery solution.
  • Control the duration of your power output and maximize your battery usage.
Quick and Easy Installation

Quick and Easy Installation

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation
  • Flexible enough to run where wiring can’t go, e.g. island display or outdoors
  • Great for avoiding under-carpet electrical cord or building sub floor
  • No more waiting for power installation
  • No more ordering deadlines or rate increases
Customizable For Any LED Lights

Customizable For Any LED Lights

  • ShowBattery works directly with LED arm lights
  • Custom adapters provided for LED track, par can, ribbon, strip, etc.
  • In-house technical expertise can adapt ShowBattery for any LED lighting.
Turnkey Lighting Solutions

Turnkey Lighting Solutions

    Contact us for details on a full line of LED lighting products. Our LED lighting partners have hundreds of choices to choose from. Whether it’s an LED display arm light, showcase lighting, accent or task lighting - we have the solution for you!